Caring For People

People are at the center of what we do. Our people are our most valuable asset, and we continually invest in their success. Our safety programs ensure our products are manufactured under the highest safety standards. We are committed to an inclusive culture that supports a diverse workforce and continually look for opportunities to help our employees advance their careers and take care of themselves and their families. Additionally, our Creating Shared Value (CSV) programs make a positive impact in the communities around us.

Diversity and Inclusion
Goal: Gender* and ethnic** diversity to 40% and 25% by 2030

*Globally **U.S. operations only

We have a goal to increase diverse representation in our workforce, starting with achieving gender diversity in our leadership population of 40% globally and ethnic diversity of 25% in the U.S. by 2030. Currently, this population is 17.5% gender diverse and 15% ethnically diverse in the U.S.

We continue to take steps to embed diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) principles into our recruitment, talent development and company culture in order to create workplaces where all employees can thrive and reach their full potential. For example, in 2020 we:

  • Broadened our talent acquisition practices in the U.S. and Europe to include more diverse candidate slates. For management and key roles, we require at least two diverse candidates for each role.
  • Partnered with organizations that include Circa, Goodwill, National Association of Women Sales Professionals and Urban League to increase our pipeline of diverse candidates.
  • Continued sponsorship and partnership with LEAD Network (Leading Executives Advancing Diversity) to attract, retain and advance women in the industry through education, leadership, and business development.
  • Required all Diversey leaders to take in-person unconscious bias training. This training is also available by video to all employees through our information systems.
  • Engaged Gallup to gauge employee sentiment around engagement and inclusion at Diversey. We are using these insights to inform future actions and priorities.
  • Virtual coffee breaks where senior leaders spend time with employees across EMEA to talk about inclusion topics and invite colleagues from other companies and industry to share best practices.

We are also starting Employee Representation Groups – grassroots employee networks that bring people together who share common interests and/or backgrounds. We also have a variety of benefits that support employees and their unique situations, including paid parental leave, flexible time off and solutions for nursing mothers.

Employee Engagement
Goal: Improve employee engagement score to top quartile by 2030

From the time our employees are hired, Diversey fosters a highly engaged, high-performance, team-based culture that we believe drives our long-term success. As part of our commitment to continually improve the employee experience globally, we have a goal to improve our employee engagement score to the top quartile by 2030.

Each Diversey region approaches employee engagement in a way that’s culturally relevant in that location. For example, in North America, managers host bi-monthly listening sessions to provide a venue to discuss challenges and share best practices. In Latin America, we have a program called Fly Hummingbird that aims to increase engagement by creating a culture of working smarter, not harder. The program consists of enabling employees with best practices through a) master classes that focus on improving productivity, effective communication and priority setting, b) one-on-one calls with senior leaders and front line employees, and c) alignment of guidelines for a better work-life balance. In our Emerging Markets region a dedicated work stream called ‘Culture Stream’ is rolling out customized initiatives to blend diverse elements of a multicultural geography via focused group discussions and coffee sessions to break the barriers and create an inclusive work environment.

Soap For Hope
Goal: Improve the lives of 1M people in the communities we operate with our CSV programs

Diversey is committed to driving lasting value in the communities around us. We have designed and implemented several “creating shared value” (CSV) programs to promote a circular economy. We collaborate with our customers on these programs to maximize our impact.

Our two primary CSV programs, Soap For Hope and Linens For Life, each underscore the major premise of a circular economy: instead of tossing materials into landfills when their intended useful life is at an end, we repurpose or “upcycle” materials in ways that create economic and social value, particularly for people in need.

In 2020, our CSV programs had a triple focus:

  • Health: Provide vulnerable members of society a basic piece of protection during this COVID-19 crisis
  • Social: Provide livelihoods to local communities
  • Environmental: Provide a meaningful way for Diversey customers to repurpose their unwanted soap and linens and make a real difference in local communities
Goal: Achieve Safety Excellence

We strive for zero workplace injuries and for the past 4 years, we outperformed the industry average of recordable incidents. Our global total recordable incident rate (TRIR) for 2020 was 0.39, which was a 13% decrease over 2019. This is slightly above the target of 0.35 but well under the industry average of 1.6. Additionally, in 2020 our vehicle incidents decreased by 43%, primarily in North America, due largely to decreased driving activities during COVID-19 lockdowns.