IntelliCareTM Hand Hygiene

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Welcome to the world of IntelliCare™.

A complete and intelligent hand care solution designed to prevent infection, improve productivity, and protect your brand reputation.


By removing the barriers to hand hygiene, IntelliCare™™ reimagines hand hygiene. The patented IntelliCare™ dispenser seamlessly shifts from touchless to manual mode to deliver uninterrupted hand hygiene across your entire facility.


The next generation of hand hygiene is here - because every moment counts.

IntelliCare Dispenser


Skin compatible formulations

Our formulations are developed to minimize skin irritation so they can be used as many times as needed. This encourages hand hygiene compliance and helps reduce occupational illnesses that could otherwise result in sick leave.

  • Dermatologically tested
  • pH-balanced formulations
  • Formulations enriched with skin conditioning emollients to keep skin soft and protect against irritation