Campylobacter Management For Food Plants

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Campylobacter Management For Food Plants

Specific Microbe Control course S2


Category: Specific Microbe Control
Level: Advanced
Languages Available: Brazilian Portuguese, English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish. 


Course Modules: Campylobacter Management in Food Processing


It is recommended that trainees have completed Principles of Hygiene and Sanitation in Food and Beverage Processing in preparation for this course.




Course Description


Campylobacter poses a significant risk to the poultry industry and consumers of poultry, it is recognised as one of the most prevalent food pathogens and is responsible for the highest percentage of food-related illness and deaths. Combatting the risk requires action to be taken at all stages of the poultry production process.


This advanced training course maps the interventions that can be implemented to reduce the risk of Campylobacter contamination at the farm, in transit, during processing, packaging, retail and at the consumer’s home.




Suitable For 


  • All employees in the poultry processing industry




Learning Objectives


  • Understand the Campylobacter organism and its unique properties
  • Be aware of Campylobacter’s presence in food
  • Be aware of Campylobacteriosis and the impact on human health
  • Understand the impact Campylobacter has on the Poultry Industry
  • Understand the preventative measure that can be put in place
  • Be aware of the key intervention points in the poultry process
  • Have an understanding of the key solutions to limit the impact of Campylobacter




Access and Purchase Options


Companies can purchase a package of modules to fit the needs of their workforce. Our sales representatives can help build training plans which are tailored to suit the needs of each company.


The course can also be purchased from our Hygiene Academy eStore which provides an opportunity for individuals interested in developing or refreshing their skillset to purchase on a course-by-course basis.