Precise Performance Drop After Drop

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Diversey has used their knowledge of the kitchen hygiene category, combined with a real understanding of your business and its needs, to develop an amazing new system for manual warewashing, Optifill™. Ready to use out of the box, without complicated installation or training instructions, Optifill™ eliminates the hassles and problems associated with traditional systems. Unique to the manual warewashing market, this is the only non wall-mounted system which allows you to dispense just the right amount of chemicals time and time again to consistently meet your cleaning needs in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.

It’s amazing that one simple, self-contained unit does so much. Optifill™ automatically dispenses chemicals to water in exact amounts. In addition to this, with our strong performing cleaning chemicals – both detergent and sanitizer, you’re sure to achieve consistently clean results time and time again. These results can be attributed to the innovative design and the special features of the system itself which are highlighted below.


Safe to handle

The Optifill™ system has a lightweight, non-slip design for easy portability, and features the tamper-proof, spill tight packaging to prevent accidental spillage or misuse of the chemicals.


Maintenance-free and failsafe system

Optifill™ has a unique patented pumping system which works by pouring water into the inlet to create motion of the system, which in turn initiates the dispensing of the chemical. The mechanism simply starts and stops based on the flow of water.  Optifill™ requires no set up, so it’s ready to use straight out of the box each and every time.


Reduces waste

The compact 2.5 liter (0.7 gallons) bottle containing super high product concentration (1:2500) which generates 1600 gallons (6055 liters) of usable solution allowing you to cut down on packaging, reduce transportation costs, and evacuate virtually all the product from the bottle* so there is absolutely no product waste. What’s more, with fully recyclable packaging and the Optifill™ bottle itself being manufactured from 25% post-consumer recycled materials, Optifill™ is an environmentally friendly choice.


Accurate dosing and dispensing

Volumetric technology automatically dispenses either detergent or sanitizer based on the flow of water from the faucet for perfectly precise dosing and a consistently clean result. This accuracy of product dispensing eliminates the need for re-washing and ensures the right amount of sanitizer is used, giving you peace of mind while reducing the costs associated with overdosing.


Minimizes kitchen clutter

Optifill™ is a portable system that’s ideal for use in any kitchen with manual warewashing needs. Its portability allows one Optifill™ unit to service multiple sinks within a site, and could even be used by contract caterers. Because it’s movable and requires no hoses or wall mounted fixtures, it won’t harbor germs or create kitchen clutter. This frees up the work area while washing and improves the appearance of the work service.


Easy to use

The user-friendly design of Optifill™ makes it easy and intuitive for your staff to use. Simply set the system on your sink divider, align the faucet, turn on the water and that’s it. When you no longer need to use the system, simply store it away.