J-Flex / RTD
Ready-To-Dispense Dilution Control Technology

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Designed with Safety in Mind


J-FlexTM / RTD® with its ergonomically-designed handle is portable and connects to any convenient water supply via a standard hose connector. Simply select the dilution required (trigger, bucket or machine) and ready to use product will be accurately & safely dispensed through its Spill-Tite head every time.


A single J-FlexTM / RTD® unit can dispense up to 2,500 liters of useable product with no wastage, after which it can be disposed as recyclable waste. The excellent cost in use has been shown to reduce end user costs by as much as 90%.

RTD and RTD Spray


  • Patented integrated metering technology
  • Accurate dilution in in relatively low pressure/low flow and hard water
  • Recyclable


Simplicity & Reliability

  • No installation
  • Minimal training due to fool-proof design
  • Maintenance free
  • One handed operation – economic handle



  • Spray bottle, bucket and auto scrubber fill
  • Direct spray and foam application
  • Portable
  • Available in a wide range of products incl. eco-certified concentrates 
  • Available in 1.4L and 5L 


Cost Control

  • Low case cost & reduced inventory
  • Elimination of product over-use and spillage
  • No equipment investment
  • No service or parts cost
  • Economic cost-in-use
  • Minimal training