Kitchen Cleaning Has Never Been Easier

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The Divermite® system from Diversey is a wall mounted system that combines the use of highly concentrated product formulations with accurate dosing, without the need for water or electricity.


Divermite® is safe, simple to use and reduces impacts on the environment. With excellent use cost, it offers the perfect solution for today’s professional kitchens and building maintenance. 


Wall-mounted dispenser to keep your work surfaces clutter-free.

Easy to Use

  • Fit the system in a location that suits you
  • Requires no plumbing or electrical connections
  • Suitable for filling trigger bottles, buckets or sinks



  • Highly concentrated product in a pouch that can quickly be placed into the dispenser
  • Accurate dosage with the single press of a button
  • Peace of mind, always have the right dose of concentrated product without overdosing 
  • Reduce both cost and environmental impacts
  • Concentrated product formulations deliver excellent cost in use



  • The easy-to-use dosing button and built-in block assure that you use the cleaning detergents efficiently
  • Built-in safety mechanism, button can only be pressed 1x per 8 seconds


Minimal Staff Training

  • Low-force cap makes it easy to load and remove the pouch
  • Simple, easy-to-use system that requires minimal training
  • Color-coded dosing equipment for easy identification


At Diversey we continually strive to reduce environmental impact. Divermite® is just one innovation that achieves considerable environmental reduction when compared to traditional systems.