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Proven Dilution Control.

Super-concentrates reduce inventory, require fewer change-outs, and create less packaging waste to help you save time and money. Our proven product chemistry and dilution control products perform to the same high standards as products in traditional containers. To ensure product consistency we've done extensive testing to assure all of our products have the dependability you look for when cleaning. Our products superior performance come from continuous product development and innovation.

Command Center

Unit Features 

• Four-button and one-button units provide ultimate versatility. One-button satellite units can be joined together or to a 4-button unit in any combination of bottle or bucket fill. 

• Wall mount Easy-to-mount wall bracket holds system securely in place. 

• Your choice of dispensing-bucket or bottle fill. Bottles fill at 1 gallon per minute, low foam and no mess. Buckets, autoscrubbers and extractors fill at 4 gallons per minute. Each product slot can be adapted for either bucket or bottle filling. 

• Adjustable dilutions for maximum economy and performance.



  • No mixing by hand.
  • Products are numbered and color-coded for simple identification and easy training.


  • No glug-glug mixing, no waste.
  • Saves time.
  • Super-concentrated products.
  • Less inventory.
  • Less packaging waste.


  • Products for a wide range of maintenance needs.
  • Dilution control whenever you need it.


  • No chemical contact.
  • No spills or leaks.