Room Care Pur-Eco

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Our Sustainable Rooms Program will support you to optimize your sustainable position. Whether you would like to apply for a green hotel certification or not, we can support you to improve your sustainable position. Our Sustainable Rooms Program covers chemicals, utensils and machines within housekeeping and other areas of the hotel. We offer you a complete approach with service, training, support, installation and follow up. Our approach will ensure good environmental management practices and allow you to achieve savings on water, chemicals and packaging consumption.


How We Add Value: 

  • Training & Procedures: Our GUEST training and information library and our Diversey experts help you to reach sustainable practices
  • Value Reporting: Value reporting is based on collaboration with you and an agreed set of key performance indicators
  • Dispensing Platforms: Through our industry leading expertise and customer collaboration we have developed dosing and dilution equipment with the aim to give you optimal dosing and dilution control
  • Consulting Services: Our independent consulting organization support your hotel in becoming more sustainable by improving your bottom line
  • Installations & Support: With our technical service teams and sales visits we will work on the sustainability results you need
  • Sustainability: With our sustainability approach we follow the three pillars of sustainability, “people, profit, planet”


Room Care Pur-Eco range, a simple approach to answers your needs. The new Room Care Pur-Eco range has been designed to further improve your environmental actions. The range covers all the major applications that you need for effective room cleaning.


The Room Care Pur-Eco range consists of five products:

R1-plus Pur-Eco: Toilet cleaner

R2-plus Pur-Eco: Hard surface cleaner 

R3-plus Pur-Eco: Multi-surface / glass cleaner

R9-plus Pur-Eco: Acidic hard surface cleaner 

R10-plus Pur-Eco: Neutral floor cleaner


All products are EU Flower certified which is one of the major criteria if you would like to apply for a green hotel certification program. Cost-efficient products, with minimal impact on the environment and low packaging waste.


Environmental certified cleaning solutions from Diversey are also available for Kitchen Care, Building Care, Personal Care and Laundry.