Data Management

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SmartView provides complete visibility and control within your operation while minimizing administrative costs. 


Real-time: A Key Factor For Successful Management Of Resources And Results.

SmartView is an online tracking and management solution designed to improve the operational efficiency of your business. Via an integrated web-based platform, SmartView gives you access to relevant data anywhere, at any time. By using real-time information it simplifies your daily communication, documentation and management of both in-house and mobile teams. Complete visibility of information helps to proactively monitor, evaluate and improve the results of team member activities, assets and overall performance.


Customizable Solutions For All Types Of Sites And Organizations.

A number of customizable modules make SmartView the ideal tool for your business, no matter what type of sites you are cleaning and what kind of information you want to evaluate. The content of different modules can be adapted individually and combined into a unique tool that meets your and your customers specific needs.



SmartView creates the foundation for a strong partnership with your stakeholders

  • Uniformed devices, simple to use and robust
    • Minimize training time. Get started immediately
    • Select the modules and data you like to collect by site.
    • Reduction of administration
  • Up to 20% efficiency improvement for supervisors
    • Up to 5% efficiency improvement for cleaners
  • Substantial improvements in
    • Cleaners being present
    • Delivering the agreed services
    • Meeting the agreed quality levels
  • Improved stakeholder-relationships based on measurable facts
  • Data 24/7 to analyze & optimize the service delivery processes


Dramatically improve your customer service, proactive monitoring and communication, maximize asset life, enhance employee performance and reduce risk of infection across your facility.