TASKI Jonmaster Cleaning System

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Trolley + Tools + Microfibre = The TASKI® Jonmaster System. 


Businesses around the world trust Diversey to solve their toughest cleaning challenges. They rely on us because we deliver better solutions: better productivity, better cleaning and better hygiene. We have more than a decade of experience perfecting microfiber cleaning for the commercial market, and we are the only provider to deliver complete solutions that integrate chemicals, tools and machines.


With our expertise we created the complete microfiber solution for daily cleaning. Pairing superior cleaning performance from microfiber technology with the highest productivity, all in a state-of-the-art trolley designed to meet your cleaning needs every day, in any location. The TASKI® Cleaning Trolley is the most flexible system available. It gives you flexibility before purchase, letting you build a trolley that’s perfect for your needs from an amazing 1.3 million configurations.  


Proven Productivity Improvement

  • The TASKI Jonmaster System is proven to improve productivity by more than 24% compared to conventional cleaning systems
  • Everything you need, right where you need it
  • Using pre-wetted methods means no heavy buckets to fill or empty
  • Save time for other tasks
  • Reduce total labor costs


Superior Cleaning and Hygiene Results

  • Removes up to 99.99% of bacteria from surfaces, as proven in tests by independent laboratories
  • TASKI microfiber cloths and mops are made from the highest quality materials in the market
  • Removes more bacteria, dust and dirt than traditional cleaning methods for superior results


Safer and Easier to Use

  • Save time and reduce strain, fatigue and risk of injury
  • Eliminates the strain of emptying, filling or carrying buckets or wringing mops
  • Lightweight, low-friction mops require less effort for great cleaning results
  • Trolley and telescopic handles adjust quickly and easily to accommodate user preference
  • Together, these features can reduce staff turnover and injury-related costs


Better for the Environment

  • Superior, reusable microfiber materials reduce the environmental impact of your cleaning operations
  • Save energy and water with reusable cloths and mops
  • Reduce waste compared to disposable systems
  • Microfiber technology minimizes the need for chemicals


The Complete Solution

  • Count on Diversey’s unmatched expertise in combining chemicals, tools and machines that meet your cleaning needs
  • Diversey laundry chemicals and dosing equipment extend the life of your microfiber cloths and mops to ensure optimum cleaning results
  • Diversey is trusted by businesses of every sector and size, including Healthcare,
  • Building Service Contractors, Lodging and Food Service customers
  • Everything you need from one trusted partner