Integrated Cleaning Tools

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TASKI® Workstations and tools increases worker convenience and efficiency. Cleaning tools are an essential component of the total customer solution to increase cleaning performance, level of quality and productivity. That’s why we integrated all our solutions with our chemicals and TASKI machines to provide you with the lowest cost of ownership and added value.


Well chosen cleaning tools in an integrated solution will bring you:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of labour time/operational costs
  • Increased cleaning performance & hygiene standards
  • Increase ergonomics (less downtime & sickness)


The best-in-class solution is Jonmaster that integrates Trolleys+Tools+Microfiber and delivers superior hygiene results and improves productivity. We have more than a decade of experience perfecting microfiber cleaning for the commercial market, and we are the only provider to deliver complete solutions that integrate chemicals, tools and machines.