Integrated Chemical Solutions

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We provide sustainable & integrated chemical solutions that make you win in the market while saving up time, increasing your profits and creating value for your customers.


As a leading global supplier of a comprehensive range of highly effective cleaning maintenance and protection products we deliver systems that cover every aspect of cleaning tasks for washrooms, floors and interiors. These ranges and systems ensure speed and efficiency, safety and sustainability, reduce the overall cost of cleaning and provide you with exceptional results.


By using our dosing and dilution solutions you will have no manual dosing and overdosing which will reduce costs significantly compared to the use of traditional chemical solutions. Our systems are closed and captive which means products cannot be mixed nor can they be handled directly which leads to a very safe and easy operation.


Our chemical formulations used are highly concentrated which will lead to less chemical usage, less packaging waste and less transport. This brings significant sustainability benefits to your business and value to your customers.